I switched to Firefox ETP strict mode

February 25, 2021

Recently Firefox released version 86, which brings Total Cookie Protection into strict mode. I decided to switch to the strict mode from the standard mode immediately after reading the introduction of this new feature.

Some of the websites load faster noticeably with this strict mode. However, I'm stunned by the number of trackers blocked by Enhanced Tracking Protection, or the number of trackers from the website I visited, in just 2 days after I switched to strict mode (since Wednesday). There are more than 700 trackers in just 2 days!

Blocked trackers

Nowadays, Internet is inundated with all the creepy ads which are powered by hidden trackers. People may not even think twice about the creepiness of the trackers and the ads. They can collect tons of data about you and share it with whomever they want. The shoes you searched for just now are following you everywhere from Youtube ads to Facebook ads.

I believe privacy is a fundamental human right. One of the best things we can do to protect ourselves is to use a quality tracker blocker. I use Firefox.

"Privacy - like security - should be expected, not something that users have to enable." -- Nick Bradbury

PS: I'm also using Facebook Container, Firefox Relay and to protect my privacy.